What our clients are saying...

I can say with confidence that I can attribute most of my success as an executive to the coaching I received from Tracey.
— -CT- Director, Communications, Government of Canada
My experience with Tracey was exceptional. Tracey is perceptive, open and easy to talk to though still able to maintain a very professional and trained demeanor. Her approach was extremely tailored to my needs. Tracey made me feel immediately at ease, which not only facilitated the process from my side but also ensured I was fully engaged and able to realize tangible leadership benefits; I could be honest and vulnerable—much to my own surprise—and, therefore, able to genuinely explore each topic with an open mind. Tracey has helped make me a better, more confident leader, and I would highly recommend her.
— HR Manager, United Nations (UNOPS)
Tracey’s approach to coaching services was exactly what I needed. It was integrated, holistic and personalized and drew upon various disciplines and philosophies. Her action-oriented approach held me accountable and ensured that I steadily made progress towards my goals. At every session, I found her to be authentic, empathetic and genuinely caring. I benefitted tremendously from our sessions. It’s in large part thanks to her that I have become the successful executive I am today, and that I am able to balance my leadership objectives with my personal values. This has given me a greater sense of accomplishment and satisfaction from my professional career and personal life.

Without reservation, I recommend Tracey’s services to anyone wishing to find balance, expand their leadership potential, and set and achieve stretch targets for themselves on both professional and personal levels.
— GS - Senior Executive, Government of Canada
Tracey guided me in coming to terms with a very difficult period in my career as an Executive. She used a variety of techniques to help me identify what was important and how I could move forward in a way that would be consistent with my values and priorities. Underlying Tracey’s approach was her firm confidence that I had the resources and resilience needed for this journey. With her help, I was able to shift my perspective and initiate positive changes to my relationship to work and to how it impacted my personal life. I now deal with difficult situations differently. When I am stuck, I ask myself the type of question Tracey would have posed, and the answer that is right for me usually emerges. I will continue to recommend Tracey to colleagues and friends
— Executive Director, Environment Canada
Working with Tracey as a coach has been a privilege and a transformational journey in my life. I can describe the experience as an adventure full of insights, excitement and rediscovery of the self. Tracey’s deep listening and ability to connect and understand what mostly matters is outstanding. Her skilful challenge consistently served as a caring reminder that everything is possible. Her compassion, humour and wisdom were a shining light that assisted me to reconnect with my life purpose both as a leader and as a human being.
— RD - Director, Citizenship and Immigration Canada
Tracey’s impact goes beyond most coaches. She really helped me take the next step beyond just realizing how I was truly feeling about a situation, but what I needed in those moments and then giving it to myself. She has lots of useful thought experiments that taught me to fully understand situations from other people’s perspectives. Tracey has a way of helping people realize what is really important to them and what drives motivation. She brings an immediate love of all people to her work and it shows by the impact it has to empower people who feel supported by her. Tracey has unlimited energy for the noble causes she cares about in the world. I would highly recommend her as a coach for anyone wishing to be a leader in life and business.
— DRL - Business Owner, Author, International Speaker
I started seeking a coach when I couldn’t get myself out of a rut. I knew I was unhappy and I thought I knew why, but for the life of me couldn’t see my way out of the darkness. I was repeating old patterns, spinning in circles, paralyzed with options, decisions and ultimately fear. I was tired of my job but too scared to leave because of the financial security and risks involved.

Through my work with Tracey, I am a different person in all aspects of my life. Within a few sessions, I put in my notice with my company and officially left my leadership position in March. I am now more comfortable in the unknown. If there is a decision, instead of riddling myself with anxiety for days, I just tune in and make the choice that feels right for me. My anxiety is incredibly reduced and I am more optimistic. I now believe that there is potential in the unknown, in the power of having faith, in the impact of mindfulness, and in my own capabilities.

Working with Tracey was one of the best investments I have ever made and I am forever grateful for her endless wisdom, compassion and support.
— CS - Global Educator Leader & Coach
I dealt with Tracey for career counselling and coaching. I was immediately impressed with how much she cared about her clients and how resourceful she was. We were meeting over several sessions when a work situation arose in which I needed help. Tracey was excellent in shifting gears, nimbly refocusing the sessions as was needed. She is empathic but also focused on moving me towards my own discovery. She left me with lots to consider and provided me with ample resources to help me think about what I want to do next.

Today, as different management challenges arise at work, I continue to think of things she said to me and put those into practice. Tracey is extremely skilled and I wholeheartedly recommend her.
— -JB, Director of Communications, Government of Canada
Being new to an executive position, coaching helped me to identify areas where I could expand my leadership abilities and areas where I was holding myself back. Over more than a year of work, I developed tools to manage stress, deal with difficult people, and learned to believe in my capabilities.

Working with Tracey helped me to recognize what was most important in building my career and how I needed to develop now in order to be successful in the future. As a result, I am more confident, self-aware and generally happier – which has made a huge difference in my personal and professional lives. The techniques Tracey uses to help you understand how you may be holding yourself back or to identify where challenges lie, leave you in the driver’s seat for your own success. If you’re willing to put it the work, you will achieve your objectives with Tracey’s support.

I would wholeheartedly recommend Tracey’s coaching services to colleagues (and I have!) and sincerely hope to work with her again in the future.
— TP, New executive, Government of Canada
I want to thank you for your excellent counsel these last few months. The counsel/coaching I received was instrumental to my success and I appreciate the time you invested in pushing me to be who I am.
— KL - IT Director, Canadian Government
I met Tracey during my participation in a career transition program she was leading. Being burned out and in a time of transition, Tracey’s support and coaching have had a massive positive impact on my well being and journey. Creating the space for me to search and find exactly what it is that I need, making courageous and authentic decisions and clearing patterns that no longer serve me, she’s been a main pillar of strength and encouragement in my mission to lead a fulfilled, purposeful life and career.’
— HA - Former Head of Strategic Partnerships
I worked with Tracey in a program she was leading to facilitate a transition I was making in my business. I’m so grateful for the program as it helped me to hit the ground running with support in balancing my productivity with my inner life. I appreciated Tracey’s ability to draw out meaning from such varied individual’s goals and aspirations. It’s not difficult to find a group that supports goals and productivity but to know why you’re doing what you’re doing increases motivation and focus exponentially. Not just anyone can do that. Tracey excels at it. Thank you Tracey for helping to re-motivate me, to bring the joy back into my work, to remember the meaning behind it all.
— DG - Business owner and leader in the health industry
Tracey was invited to facilitate an Appreciative Inquiry inspired workshop involving all of the delegates to our recent AGM, many of them septuagenarians, to define the organization’s positive attributes and to explore opportunities for innovation; an exercise that was not without some risk. Her candid approach activated the group immediately and successfully guided us through a myriad of conflicting opinions with humor and grace. She is a knowledgeable, perceptive, responsive and engaging facilitator. The feedback from the group in the weeks that have followed has been exceptionally positive. Thanks to her effort, we can now have a safe dialogue about ways to revitalize the organization. I recommend Tracey’s unique skillset to every champion of organizational renewal.
— -Peter Evans, District IV Governor, Gyro International