Our Associates




Ana Luisa Ugalde

Psychologist, Leadership Coach


Ana Luisa has a BA in Organizational Psychology and a Masters degree in Systems Psychotherapy. She has over 15 years of experience in the area of Human Resources, change management and psychotherapy. She is a certified coach and is a leader for the coaching program with the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).

She has worked for Fortune 500 companies in Recruitment and Organizational Development areas.  Seven years ago she established her own HR firm and has focused her skills developing HR projects, training workshops, head hunting processes and executive coaching.

She is passionate about people’s professional and personal development.  She likes to see people living life at their fullest. She loves singing, dancing, reading and spending time with friends and family. She is the mother of two incredible kids and has a dog named Bob. 


Dr. Carey Stevens

Business Psychologist and Consultant

PhD, C.Psych

Carey is a seasoned expert in leadership development, executive coaching, talent management, change management and complex business transformation. A registered clinical psychologist for over 30 years, he has combined his clinical practice with more than 20 years of business consulting. In this way, he provides his clients with an in-depth and insightful perspective on their business transformations.

While he has more recently concentrated on the areas of coaching and developing leaders, succession planning, talent management and large scale business transformation initiatives, he likes to play a “hands on” role with his clients.

Over the years, he has worked at Deloitte Consulting, serving as the National Practice Leader of Change Management and Canada Post as General Manager of Executive Development. 

Through his consulting engagements, Carey has worked with Avaya Communications, Lucent Technologies, US Cellular, Citizens Utilities, Bell Canada, Deloitte and Irving Oil.

Among his many accomplishments, Carey considers these his greatest: writing Deloitte Consulting’s internal response document related to the 911 event; being married for 40 years; and, completing more than 20 marathons and triathlons. 

Patrick O'Niell

Dr. Patrick O'Neill

Organizational Psychologist and Leadership Coach


Patrick is the Director of the Masters of Organizational Psychology program at Adler University in Vancouver, B.C. As an Organizational Psychologist he partners with corporate and non-profit organizations to maximize their value in human, economic and environmental terms. 

He has over 15 years of international experience leading complex organizational development initiatives focusing on: shaping corporate culture, enhancing well-being, building thriving teams, and transforming whole systems.

He also designs and delivers customized, experientially-based, leadership development programs and coaches leaders and teams across occupational levels and industry sectors. 

He has worked with organizations such as KPMG, RioTintoAlcan, Corus Entertainment, United Nations, The Ottawa Citizen, IBM, NAV Canada, Australia Post, Burswood International Resort Casino, Aviation Strategies International, and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital.


Tracy Chaplin

Facilitator of Leadership Capacity & Multi-Stakeholder Development

MSc., Strategic Leadership

Tracy is guided by a passion for building individual and collective capacity for conscious leadership, deep connections and wise action.

Through designing and hosting transformative learning experiences and strategic change initiatives, she illuminates connections between people, planet and new possibilities.

Tracy is an Art of Hosting Steward and founder of Co-nexico, an independent consultancy based in the US.

In the ‘90s she co-founded and directed a sustainability education centre based on permaculture, social entrepreneurship, non-violence and community resilience, following a decade in environmental education & leadership development. From 2011 - 2015, Tracy was the Program Director of MSLS (MSc in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability) in Karlskrona, Sweden.